Mark’s Models

I am also a model-maker.  For a while I was the Hobby Master at Boy’s Life and the Model Master at English Street. an English-language newspaper in Hong Kong.  My primary interests are ships and rockets.  Here are some links to some of the models I have built or designed:

How about building your own model of a SeaLaunch booster?  I designed this model during my days as a space engineer.  It was one of the SeaLaunch boosters  used to put a DirecTV satellite into orbit.  This is a cardstock model. You can download it, print it on your printer, cut out the pieces and put it together.  You have two choices:

The Shioya Astronomical Observatory in Japan has a page with models of Japanese Mu-rockets. I liked the models, but they are basic, so I upgraded my models with parts that allow the addition of the interstage portion of the rocket and the nozzles for the solid rocket boosters on the main vehicle.

  • You can find the original models here
  • You can find my parts here

Here are links to two of my rockets hosted on Niels Jahn Knudsen’s Nielspapermodels website:

Please note that my collection of rocket models will soon be displayed at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, TX. Stay posted for an announcement as to when that happens.



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