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Lardas writes like a novelist, and the maritime history and technology expert that he is. Thomas P. Ostrom, Naval Historical Society Review

This is a list of my published and forthcoming books. I have hotlinks to online content, when it exists. (Please let me know if the links no longer work.)

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  • Mark Lardas (author), US Flush-Deck Destroyers 1916–45: Caldwell-class, Wickes-class, and Clemson-class (New Vanguard),  Osprey Publishing, June 19, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1472819970
  • Mark Lardas (author), Rabaul 1943–44: Reducing Japan’s great island fortress (Air Campaign), Osprey Publishing, January 23, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1472822444
  • Mark Lardas (author), Texas at Sea (Texas Small Books) , Texas Christian University Press, (Publication Date Uncertain) ISBN: 0875654207


  • Mark Lardas (author), The Cruiser Houston, Arcadia Publishing, September 2016, ISBN: 978-1467127424
  • Mark Lardas (author), Nashville 1864: From the Tennessee to the Cumberland (Campaign), Osprey Publishing, October 24, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1472819826
  • Mark Lardas (author), USS Lawrence vs HMS Detroit: The War of 1812 on the Great Lakes (Duel), Osprey Publishing, May 23, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1472815828
  • Mark Lardas (author), Seaplane and Aircraft Carriers of World War I (New Vanguard), Osprey Publishing, September, 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1472813787
  • Mark Lardas (author), The Battleship Texas, Arcadia Publishing, September 2016, ISBN: 1467123935
  • Mark Lardas (author), Chattanooga 1863: Grant and Bragg in Central Tennessee (Campaign) Osprey Publishing, June, 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1472812919
  • Mark Lardas, Texas Shipwrecks, Arcadia Publishing, April, 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1467116176 (See the Galveston Monthly review of the book here and the Galveston Daily News review here.)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Shenandoah 1864: Sheridan’s Valley Campaign, Osprey Publishing, October, 2014, ISBN-13: 978-1472804839
  • Mark Lardas, The Port of Houston, Arcadia Publishing, November, 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1467130769. (See the Naval Historical Society Review of this book here.)
  • Mark Lardas (author), British Frigate vs French Frigate: 1793 to 1814 (Duel), Osprey Publishing May 2013, ISBN: 1780961324 (See a review of the book here.)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Ulysses S. Grant (Command), Osprey Publishing, November 2012, ISBN: 1849087339
  • Mark Lardas (author), Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis: Flamborough Head 1779 (Duel), Osprey Publishing, July 2012, ISBN: 1849087857 (See the Naval Historical Society Review of this book here)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Great Lakes Warships 1812-1815 (New Vanguard), Osprey Publishing, March 2012, ISBN: 1849085668 (See a review of the book here) (See the Naval Historical Society Review of this book here)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Peter Dennis, Peter Bull (Illustrators, CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge: Cherbourg 1864 (Duel) , Osprey Publishing, November 2011, ISBN: 1849084920 (See the Naval Historical Society Review of this book here)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Graham Turner (Illustrator), George Washington (Command), Osprey Publishing, October 2011, ISBN: 1849084483
  • Mark Lardas (author), Steve Noon, Donato Spedaliere (Illustrators), Decatur’s Bold and Daring Act – The Philadelphia in Tripoli 1804 (Raid), Osprey Publishing, July 2011, ISBN: 1849083744 (See the Naval Historical Society review of this book here)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Johnny Shumate, Donato Spedaliere (Illustrators), Roughshod Through Dixie – Grierson’s Raid 1863 (Raid 12), Osprey Publishing, July 2010, ISBN: 1846039932 (See a review of the book here)
  • Mark Lardas (author), Tony Bryan (illustrator), Ships of the American Revolutionary Navy (New Vanguard 161), Osprey Publishing, November 2009, ISBN: 1846034450
  • Mark Lardas (author), Peter Bull, and Giuseppe Rava (illustrators), Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812 (Duel 19), Osprey Publishing, August 2009 ISBN: 1846034345
  • Mark Lardas (author), Tony Bryan and Giuseppe Rava (illustrators), American Light and Medium Frigates 1794–1836 (New Vanguard 147), Osprey Publishing, August 2008, ISBN: 1846032660
  • Mark Lardas (author), Peter Dennis (illustrator), African-American Soldier in the Civil War (USCT) 1863-1866, (Warrior 114), Osprey Publishing, December 2006 ISBN: 1846030927
  • Mark Lardas (author), Jonathan Smith (illustrator), Native American Mounted Rifleman 1861-1865, (Warrior 105), Osprey Publishing, May 2006 ISBN: 18417669711
  • Mark Lardas (author), Ian Palmer(illustrator), Space Shuttle Launch System 1972-2004, (New Vanguard 99), Osprey Publishing, July 2004 ISBN: 1841766917
  • Mark Lardas (author), Tony Bryan (illustrator), American Heavy Frigates 1794–1826, (New Vanguard 79), Osprey Publishing, July 2003 ISBN: 1841766305

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